Shareholders and other parties interested in communicating directly with an individual non-management director or with the non-management directors as a group may do so by sending an email to or by writing to the individual director or to the office of the corporate secretary at:

8300 Maryland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105

A staff member assisting the corporate secretary of the company reviews all such correspondence and regularly forwards to the board a summary of all such correspondence and copies of all correspondence that, in the opinion of the staff member, deals with the functions of the board or committees thereof or that he otherwise determines requires their attention. Directors may at any time review a log of all correspondence received by the company that is addressed to members of the board and request copies of any such correspondence.

Concerns relating to accounting, internal controls or auditing matters are immediately brought to the attention of the company's internal audit department and handled in accordance with procedures for reporting questionable accounting and auditing matters established by the audit committee with respect to such matters.